Taking care of ultra-fine particles

Envinity Group has developed a revolutionary system that can rapidly filter large quantities of fine particles and ultra-fine particles from ambient air. By integrating new and existing technologies in an innovative way, we have succeeded in developing a new air filtering system that cleans the surrounding air.

Using multiple patented sub-processes, this system can remove up to 99% of the fine particles and ultra-fine particles from the ambient air, according to official test results. The system is not only revolutionary, but also the only one of its kind in the world! Envinity is making it possible for governments and businesses to protect their environment against the “silent killers” that are fine- and ultra-fine particles, and to stop worrying about dramatic economic effects.

Benefits & key features

  • The only effective solution to one of the greatest threats to public health – ultra-fine particles
  • Can filters up to 99% of ultra-fine particles and 100% of fine particles from ambient air
  • Complies with European legislation on fine particle emissions
  • Complies with the obligation to provide a safe working environment for employees
  • Minimises the impact of ultra-fine particles on surroundings, residents and the environment
  • Provides a sustainable solution, including green energy contract and recycling programs
  • Paves the way for new investments and lets halted investments restart safely