For the so-called electrostatic filtering system, we use a sensor that controls the ionic charges and adjusts them according to the amount of air pollution. This type of sensoring prevents an excessive amount of charged ions. By ionizing the air and collecting the ionized particles in specially designed and oppositely charged filters, we ensure that all microorganisms are completely destroyed and not just captured, as with traditional cloth filters.

Ozone free ionization process result

Since ozone improves the performance of the ionization process, our ionization process does us ozone.
Capturing particles with an ionization process and a collection process is what is called an electrostatic filter. The electrostatic filter in the Airculess is custom engineered ensuring it to be a highly efficient high performance filter to overcome your problem at hand. As a result the ionization process is only emitting extreme low levels of ozone in a closed ionization process, which ensures that no ozone escapes from the system. The amounts of ozone that are emitted within this closed ionization process are being captured and removed with the TiOx-eACF, resulting in an ozone free ionization process.