The TiOx-eACF technology is specially designed and engineered to be highly efficient and extremely durable while capturing nearly all remaining particles in the air. The air enters the TiOx-eACF filter through a layer of specially treated activated carbon, adsorbing nearly all of the odor, harmful pathogens and gases. With the process of photocatalysis the adsorbed gases are then converted into less harmful and milder components such as CO2 and water.

Outstanding results and durability

The activated carbon used in the TiOx-eACF filter has an unprecedented advantage over other activated carbons. First of all, the activated carbon is carefully selected by our experts, guaranteeing a high and constant quality material. The activated carbon is then treated with a special titanium-oxide-nano coating, enabling new functionalities such as improved adsorption and a photocatalytic process when used in combination with UV light.

Secondly, at the core of each TiOx-eACF filter cartridge is a UV light source, initiating the photocatalytic process and the self-cleaning process of the activated carbon. This self-cleaning process has a strong positive effect on the adsorption capacity, the life span and the efficiency of the activated carbon used in the TiOx-eACF filter.