By partnering up with our carefully selected suppliers, Envinity Group is able to deliver the best-in-class solution for controlling the growth environment. Our partners work closely together with our highly valued R&D experts, resulting in integration of the most innovative yet proven technology in the Airculess.

Solution: Airculess

Airculess is a durable and high efficiency air purification system that combines innovative and proven filter technologies with the newest and state-of-the-art air cleaning techniques. The Airculess effectively cleans the air and enables you to monitor and control the greenhouse environment 24/7, without affecting the production and growth of crops and plants.

The system is consciously engineered to work without the use of the traditional but expensive HEPA filter, ensuring a very high air purification efficiency and 80% less pressure drop resulting in substantial energy savings. To engineer the perfect system, one of the things we studied very closely was the behavior of the odor particle of various odorous plants, so that we fully understand it. Our unique system permanently destroys odors, micro-organisms and removes ultra-fine dust from the greenhouse environment creating a healthy and pure environment for people and plants.

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Preserve permits complying with odor regulations

With the use of Airculess, odors can be prevented from being experienced within residential zones and/or controlled to comply with county regulations. Since every location is unique in its specifications and surroundings, projects cannot be treated with an off-the-shelf solution.

Envinity Group will analyze each location based on multiple parameters to ensure a highly efficient and tailor-made solution. By performing these essential analyses and implementing Airculess in your facility, we enable you to comply with any government odor regulation while preserving your growing permits.

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From low disease pressure to higher profit

Other than removing odors, the Airculess also reduces the disease pressure caused by airborne micro-organisms e.g. Mildew and Botrytis.

By using the Airculess you take control of odors and harmful pathogens, giving you full control over the disease pressure. This ultimately results in optimal plant production growth and output, which also has a positive impact on business profits.

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